How it works

Rainbow Pages is affordable for businesses of all types and sizes, and provides nationwide and local advertisers with flexible and highly-targeted coverage and connection with Rainbow consumers.

All you need to do is register, log-in to your account via this website or your mobile app (Android and IOS), and set up your business’s profile, then purchase advertisement/s that best meet your marketing strategy and budget.

See below for information about:

  1. How to register
  2. Setting up your business profile
  3. Setting up your advertisements
  4. What it costs
  5. Customer feedback
  6. Answers to frequently-asked questions

1. How to register

Registering as a Rainbow Pages advertiser or consumer is quick and easy.

As New Zealand’s only nationwide platform to connect Rainbow communities and Rainbow-friendly businesses, we have made sure that using Rainbow Pages is as safe and supportive as possible for all concerned. The last thing anyone needs is trolling, hassle from anti-Rainbow parties or anyone being inadvertently outed, which is why businesses and consumers need to register and then be logged in to the app every time they use it. CLICK HERE to register.

2. Setting up your business profile

Setting up your business profile is easy. Once you have registered your business you will be guided through the process of setting up your business profile. This involves providing the following information:

  • the business’s name
  • contact details
  • your logo
  • the service/s or product/s provided
  • describe how your business is Rainbow-friendly*
  • which social media platforms you want to link to your profile (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)

*It’s up to you what you put here but the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for Rainbow consumers to decide whether your business is the right fit for them. For example, you may wish to provide information about the following:

  • Why you think your business is Rainbow-friendly
  • Do you or a member of your team identify as being a part of the Rainbow Community?
  • Do you currently volunteer for any community organisations?
  • Do you donate to worthy causes, what was the last donation you made?
  • Is your office space, or where ever you work from, Rainbow Friendly? Do you know that everyone that you meet would feel happy to present as whoever they feel like and you know that they wouldn’t be discriminated against if they came into that space?
  • Do you provide Rainbow-friendly restrooms?

Providing this information with your profile will provide assurance and confidence to Rainbow individuals that they are dealing with a non-judgemental business who accept and support them for who they are.

3. Setting up your advertisements

Advertising on Rainbow pages is quick and easy. You can take anything from one advertisement – to many. Advertisements are proximity-based, which means that consumers will automatically see the service / products that is nearest to them at the time they look at the Rainbow Pages app.

In addition to promoting your business’s services / products, you can also advertise sales and special offers. You can even set up profiles for staff members, promoting their unique skills and qualifications to Rainbow and Rainbow-friendly consumers. Profiling employees enables you to tell a more personal story about your company, which in our experience can do a better job of attracting customers than simply cutting the price.

Single advertisements: This is an affordable and easy way to begin advertising on Rainbow pages. Simply purchase one advertisement that showcases your business and its product/s or services and you’re good to go!

Multiple advertisements: Advertisements can be set up for different locations, products / services and even linked to different people on your team (perfect if you employee one or more Rainbow people!). Each ad is given equal exposure across the Rainbow Pages platform, so more ads equals more exposure.

Using multiple advertisements is a great way of testing and refining your Rainbow marketing strategies because you will quickly see what works best.

4. What it costs

Rainbow Pages offers very affordable options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You can take out as many ads as you wish, or simply have one.

Click here to view our prices

We aim for everyone to win – advertisers and consumers alike – which is why we charge a flat rate for every advertising category. Advertisements are prioritised and ranked by the app user's physical proximity to advertisers. In other words, the advertiser closest to the app user will show up first but that will change as the user physically moves closer to a different advertiser. Each advertisement is given equal exposure across the Rainbow Pages platform, so more advertisements equals more exposure.

5. Customer feedback

Consumers are encouraged to give feedback about their experience with your business’s products and services via a star rating and comments. Over time this will help to strengthen Rainbow-friendly businesses’ reputations within the Rainbow market. Customers are also able to post their rating directly from their Rainbow Pages account to their personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

6. Answers to frequently-asked questions

Do I need to be LGBTTQ or I to advertise my business on Rainbow Pages?
No. Anyone may advertise their business, so long as it is Rainbow-friendly. This means treating your Rainbow prospects and customers with courtesy and respect.

Do I need to employ LGBTTQI people in order to advertise my business on Rainbow Pages?
No. However, if you would never be prepared to hire Rainbow employee/s then Rainbow Pages is not the right advertising platform for you.

Can my business advertise on Rainbow Pages if we are Rainbow-friendly but not actively supporting Rainbow causes?
Yes. Advertising on Rainbow Pages means that you are automatically supporting Rainbow causes because we not only sponsor several Rainbow events, but also donate 10% of our revenue to Rainbow charities.

If your business also directly supports Rainbow organisations and causes, then be sure to showcase this on your business profile and your website.

Why are you allowing non-Rainbow businesses to advertise on Rainbow Pages?
Rainbow Pages is New Zealand’s only nationwide platform to connect Rainbow communities with supportive business. By doing so we believe everyone wins – advertisers, their staff, Rainbow communities and the wider community as well.

Some Rainbow consumers just want assurance that the business they are dealing with is Rainbow-friendly. Other Rainbow consumers only want to deal with Rainbow-owned businesses. Each business must set up a profile before it advertises, including information about its own Rainbow status, beliefs and activities. This enables consumers to find out more about advertisers and then choose the one who best fits their needs.

What is Rainbow Pages doing to prevent Rainbow-friendly businesses and Rainbow consumers from being scammed, spammed or trolled?

Rainbow Pages is designed to be a totally safe and supportive place for Rainbow-friendly businesses and Rainbow consumers. Our app has a number of mechanisms for preventing these behaviours and quickly identifying and removing bogus advertisers or account holders.